QUOTE REQUEST (Submit form or email: hello@risogeist.com)

Please fill out this form completely & somebody will be in touch with you shortly to discuss pricing. For most accurate quote, please include a design file. We can accept most image / vector formats up to 10mb in size; though we can only accept a single file.
If you have multiple design files to include, please place them in a multi-page PDF or archive them (.zip, .rar, .7z etc).

Minimum quantity is 25 sheets (examples below):
25-     11” x 17” prints
50-     8.5” x 11” prints
100-    5” x 7” prints

If you’re interested in printing a zine, we may need more information from you (e.g. different colors / paper stock for the cover than the zine body). Please be as specific as possible, and we can get in touch to clarify any questions we may have! If your project doesn’t quite work for the parameters of this form, or you have any trouble submitting please feel free to email us: hello@risogeist.com